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Jason Bailey has been entertaining millions, thousands or at least those that’ll listen since 1995…that’s what he thinks. He started his career in 1995 as a radio intern and powered his way up the ranks covering numerous formats like Top 40, Rock, Hot Talk and Sports Talk. Jason has worked with the WWE, TNA Wrestling, MTV, ESPN, CBS Sports, CNN, NFL Network just to name a few. His love of radio, TV as well as emceeing live events has not only put food on the table but also allowed him to voice his opinions to the masses. That being a good thing is still up for debate. This guy does radio, TV, writes, produces and at times he even sleeps.

We won’t mention his short lived acting career in B…C…OK, D movies that never made it to VHS. For some…yes Buckethead, the host of THE BS (The Buckethead Show) is the same guy. No “show” at the end THE BS please. BTW, is THE BS dead…never say never. Currently, Jason lives in Atlanta, GA and just recently was the host of the ‘Morning Show’ at CBS owned 92.9 The Game. Currently, Jason is hosting the morning show on Rock 100.5 “Atlanta’s Rock Station” Monday – Saturday 5:45a-10a est.


Hosting Reel

  • I’m not ready to talk about this yet @rach_guy #HusbandAbuse #StarvinMarvin https://t.co/dSDDgDIBPo
    2 hours ago
  • Every Tuesday I look forward to the best disappointment entertainment that TV has to offer #OakIsland
    1 day ago
  • How can you tell if you’re sitting next to an Air Marshal? His screen saver on his phone says...wait for it...”air Marshall” 😂
    2 days ago
  • After taking his pic with boxing great gerryacooney I realized I look more like a Power Ranger… https://t.co/alQC41cZZ2
    3 days ago
  • The year is 2018 and we still haven’t figured out airport security and a better microphone at the airline counter.… https://t.co/rBKEXCHEqh
    3 days ago
  • It’s time to come home...had a good week @rach_guy #ATLBound #MissMyBed @ LaGuardia Airport https://t.co/eO6wIIlp6t
    3 days ago
  • When in NY @rach_guy and I always have to get our fat kid on @serendipity3nyc #Iceacream #Yum 😋… https://t.co/rbhzhuAZhL
    3 days ago
  • I’m taking an Uber for a 45 mins ride from the city back to Long Island and my driver has one of those uncontrollab… https://t.co/HEhkOGCcXO
    3 days ago
  • Great job tonight @Im_Just_Chloe @memphisopen Amazing job with the National Anthem #NYOpen… https://t.co/IUui4DWw8o
    3 days ago
  • Enjoyed hosting @memphisopen this week! Congrats @kandersonatp on the win and @samquerrey for… https://t.co/pykTLwfiZW
    3 days ago


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