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Jason Bailey has been entertaining millions, thousands or at least those that'll listen since 1995…that's what he thinks. He started his career in 1995 as a radio intern and powered his way up the ranks covering numerous formats like Top 40, Rock, Hot Talk and Sports Talk. Jason has worked with the WWE, TNA Wrestling, MTV, ESPN, CBS Sports, CNN, NFL Network just to name a few. His love of radio, TV as well as emceeing live events has not only put food on the table but also allowed him to voice his opinions to the masses. That being a good thing is still up for debate. This guy does radio, TV, writes, produces and at times he even sleeps.

We won't mention his short lived acting career in B…C…OK, D movies that never made it to VHS. For some…yes Buckethead, the host of THE BS (The Buckethead Show) is the same guy. No "show" at the end THE BS please. BTW, is THE BS dead…never say never. Currently, Jason lives in Atlanta, GA and just recently was the host of the 'Morning Show' at CBS owned 92.9 The Game.


92.9 The Game (Atlanta Sports Radio) w/ Randy Cross, Kristen Ledlow and cast

Sports Radio Done Differently

Real Radio 104.1 (Orlando / Hot Talk) THE BS "The Buckethead Show"

4 Hours of Intellectually, Immature Nonsense in 2 Minutes

Hosting Reel

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Varsity Parents

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Varsity Parents is Toddlers and Tiaras to the extreme! We all either know or have been around those overzealous parents that will do anything to get their kids to the next level of sports. They push their kids to practice at all hours of the day in any month of the year. They’re especially there during game time and that’s when they’re the loudest and sometimes the most obnoxious.
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For 18 years years Jason Bailey (formally known as Buckethead) hosted THE BS which was tagged 4 hours of intellectually, immature, nonsense. The fans were and still to this day called DIEHARDS. Over the years Jason was joined by some of the most talented guys and girls in the radio business. As he moves on with his career he still wants to make sure THE DIEHARDS know where to find themselves on social media. The name Buckethead might be gone but THE BS may rise again...never say never.

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